Bianca Peralta - Real Deal

You may be wondering why in my previous post for Bianca her surname is Hernandez, well to answer that her name is actually Bianca Peralta-Hernandez. I just can get enough of her. She's FHM Girlfriend of the month March 2012 and part of Premiere Vixen Batch 3. How good is that? Bianca is hot, sexy and flawless!

RR Enriquez - Sexy Dancer

RR Enriquez another product of ASF Dancer just like Aiko Climaco, she's one of the dancer that career grows after Willie went to another TV network. RR Enriquez is part of Banana Split and host a program in Studio 23. RR Enriquez rocking body is clearly her asset.

Katrina Halili - Proud Mother

After the rumors about Katrina Halili pregnancy finally she admits it, I really don't know why would someone hide it. It's a blessing from God right? Anyway let's give Katrina Halili what she deserves for being such a strong girl. We know what she's been through, It's been a tough road for her. Below are some of the hottest and sexeist photos of Katrina Halili.

Is Katrina Halili Pregnant?

Rumors are spreading fast that Katrina Halili is pregnant. A showbiz talk show blind item causes the buzz, if you want to know more you can read here. If the rumor is true then it's the right time to say Goodbye to Katrina Halili's bikini ready body. Meanwhile this video of Katrina Halili takes us to her fantasy land. Enjoy!

Kristine Santamena Photoshoot 2012

I was amazed when I first saw Kristine Santamena, her face and body is so beautiful. In her 2012 Photoshoot I notice one thing, her mole is no where to be found. But who cares? Kristine Santamena is still  Pinay Sexy Goddess!

Where is Aiko Climaco?

Since Aiko Climaco is not part of Willie Revillame's show anymore I barely see her on TV. I know the fact that she's regular part of ABS-CBN Gag Show "Banana Split" but for Aiko's beauty that's it?. So here I am making another post for Aiko Climaco and hopefully see more of her.

Iza Calzado - Hot Legs

Let Iza Calzado shows us the definition of sexiness as she show her bikini ready body. Just recently Iza Calzado made a buzz around the showbiz when she was rumored to change TV network from GMA 7 to ABS-CBN. Now we all know it's true. Iza Calzado has been also the cover of a lot of magazine, also a very versatile actress, no wonder she's been in a lot of TV series and movies.

Solenn Heussaff - Enchanting Beauty

Solenn Heussaff is one of today's most in-demand actress and endorser. There seems no stopping Solenn, she recently posed as cover of numerous magazines including FHM, UNO, Roque, Cosmopolitan, etc and seen multiple times in GMA 7 TV Series and also tackles the big screen, you know I can go all they naming what Solenn's achivements but I think I've made my point that Solenn Heussaff is one pretty hot girl. Also she's BFF with Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson. O man, Solenn Heussaff you are unquestionably Pinay Sexy Goddess.

Valerie Concepcion - Sexy Cover Girl

Valerie Concepcion enters the world of sexiness after she gave birth, Yup she's a mother now. Her career soar in showbiz also, I gotta say the child is her luck. Hosting Wowowee, doing some TV series and etc. Right now  Valerie Concepcion  becomes popular for posing in the cover of Men's magazine like FHM, Maxim and Playboy. Valerie Concepcion  is definitely hot and sexy plus her big chest that will seal the deal.

Grace Yutuc - Perfectly Toned

Another hot and sexy lady named Grace Yutuc will be part of Pinay Sexy Goddess, Just when we thought that we've seen it all. Grace Yutuc's toned skin complements her hot body. Hopefully we can see more of Grace Yutuc finesse beauty.

Bb. Plipinas 2012 Official Candidates

So now it's official, we have the Bb. Plipinas 2012 Official Candidates. Last year Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Shamcey Supsup and Miss Universe Philippines 2010 Venus Raj made Filipinos proud by reaching the top five in Miss Universe 2011.

I also found an article. source
The Bb. Pilipinas’ finals will happen on April 15, and you can already meet the 30 candidates who will be competing for 3 of the 4 main beauty crowns in the country (in addition to the above mentioned titles, there’s also Miss World Philippines, which now happens in an independent pageant
So let's take a look what these gorgeous 30 official candidates have for us in the Bb. Plipinas 2012.

# 01 Karen Gallman

Anash Asia Gomez - Asian Beauty

I've seen a lot of hot girl but there is something about Anash Asia Gomez that is really hot. First is the fact that she's just 19 years old and Anash Asia Gomez possesses the face of a innocent 16 year old girl and hot sexy body of a fine grown woman. Hows that? She's also pretty big in social media with a whooping 19k Facebook Fans. Anash Asia Gomez is one Pinay Sexy Goddess

Alyzza Agustin - Lovely Lady

Alyzza Agustin is now officially part of Premiere Vixens Batch 3 together with Janarah Fox and Nathalie Hayashi. I guess this means more photoshoots, events and more paychecks for them. Alyzza Agustin has the voluptuous type of body, an angelic face and a innocent cute smile put it all together and there we have another hot girl named "Alyzza Agustin" worthy to be part of Pinay Sexy Goddess.

Bianca Hernandez - Flawless Beauty

Another Pinay beauty Bianca Hernandez is all set to leave a mark in the world of modeling, her photos is now seen on numerous blog. There is no question why it's spread so fast, Bianca Hernandez shows her flawless beauty and oozing sex appeal. I'll just let her photos do the talking here, no question Bianca Hernandez is one Pinay Sexy Goddess.